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Girl with books

A PowerPoint template with a girl with books is likely to feature a design that includes an image or illustration of a girl or woman reading or holding books. The image may be placed in a prominent position on the slide, such as in the center or on one side, and may be framed by a border or a shape in complementary colors.

The background of the template may have a simple and clean design, with a plain color or a subtle texture that does not distract from the focal image. The color scheme may be muted or pastel, with soft shades of blue, pink, or purple being common.

The template may also include other design elements, such as text boxes, images, or icons, that are arranged in a balanced and harmonious way around the central image. The typography used in the template may be simple and clean, with sans-serif typefaces being common.
Template "Girl with books" has a 16:9 wide-angle screen size
different slides included
Multi-color is the main color on slides
This PowerPoint template also has high-quality graphics
Slide transitions animation is included
Compatible with all the versions of Microsoft PowerPoint
Slides are available in pptx formats
All slides can be easy export in different formats
This PowerPoint template has been viewed 97 times so it is quite popular. But in the Education category there are other free templates wich you might also like.

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